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How to Enable Toggle Keys of your Systems?

How to Enable Toggle Keys of your Systems?

    Toggle Keys option designed for those people who are typing while looking away from the screen or for those who are vision impairment. When your system Toggle keys is turned on, you will get a special sound when special keys are pressed like CAPS, NUM, SCROLL LOCK keys.


    To enable or disable your system Toggle keys, go to Control Panel using Start button. In your system Control Panel normally the first option will be Accessibility options. Double click on Accessibility options and check the Toggle keys box, Windows will automatically send you a special beeps when you will press locking keys.

Information about Internet and its Uses in Our Daily Life

Information about Internet and its Uses in Our Daily Life

How difficult our life would have been if there was no Internet. Think about it. To find some information, we all have acquired the habit of 'Googling' it on the web; within a few seconds the screen displays the desired information. You want to book tickets for a movie night with friends, you can book them at the click of a button, again through the Internet media. Many of us cannot imagine life without the social networking sites. The Internet has indeed made the world a small place and living life easier. And the rapid progress of technology has made it possible to access the Internet from anywhere through plenty of means. It has such a plethora of uses in our daily life that we use it for one purpose or the other almost daily. The routine uses and some positive effects of the Internet in various sectors have been discussed in detail below.

The Uses of the Internet in Daily Life

For Information:
For a layman, Internet is nothing but a collection of websites. And there are innumerable websites that serve a variety of purposes. There are news websites, social networking websites, websites that provide information and websites of various businesses and organizations. These websites are updated frequently to provide information to the user. You can find everything of anything on the web just by browsing through a few websites. You can also use emails, blogs, IM chat, social networking websites and communication software for sharing your information with the world. The Internet has made access to information cheaper and easier and this is its most common use in daily life.

Business & Advertising:
Almost all the businesses these days have websites, through which they promote and advertise themselves. This medium these days has been used extensively for promotional campaigns. Not only promoting your business but you can also effectively advertise your event or any cause on this medium. There are many businesses that depend on the Internet for their survival like stocks and call centers, to name a few. It has promoted faster access to necessary information which strengthens the business processes.

Internet also is a popular medium used by students. Many students use it for educational purposes, like for finding study material or for applying to some college or university. It is now a virtual world and all the applications are done online through the website of the concerned educational body. Students use websites for these and many other purposes like checking exam results, exam schedule, application procedure to any course, etc. Students also take the help of the Internet for project help and for obtaining the required images. Everything on the Internet is a click away from us.

Communication & Networking:
The use of the Internet for networking is very popular among all age groups. There are many good social networking websites that are used by people for communication. These websites provide an effective and easy platform that facilitates interaction. In daily life, it is widely used as a means of communication through means like networking websites, chat websites, blogs, etc. Through these websites you can also share your photographs with your near and dear ones. The Internet is widely used by job seekers for job applications and job searching. Facilities like video conferencing has made it possible to conduct interviews online.

Another popular use of the Internet in daily life is for entertainment. Facilities like listening to online music, downloading music and movies provides a platform for entertainment. There are plenty of other ways through which you can entertain yourselves on the Internet. You can play online games, view sports matches, or watch videos of your choice. It is a trusted means of entertainment for these kinds of purposes and is extensively used for the same.

Other Popular Uses:
It is popularly used for banking. Almost all the banking transactions are possible through this medium. Apart from these common uses, it can also be used for shopping. Online shopping is very popular among masses and on the Internet you can buy any thing and get it delivered at home. There are also many people who use it to work from home.

These were some of the chief common uses of the Internet in our daily life. It is a boon for us and has made our life easy by facilitating so many uses. But it is also prone to attacks of many kinds that threaten safety over the Internet. To protect the Internet from these attacks we should all use it carefully and also protect ourselves from various privacy intrusions. The Internet as a tool for communication will always remain its most powerful use. The array of uses of the Internet is vast and with the progress of technology new uses will get added to the list of uses continuously.

How Effective is Facebook Advertising

How Effective is Facebook Advertising

With over 175 million people signing into Facebook everyday, most of whom spend several hours per day browsing Wall posts, commenting friend’s pictures, and uploading content, many companies are trying their hardest to take advantage of Facebook’s enormous number of page views by placing advertisements on the right-hand side of the Facebook user interface. However, many companies are now questioning whether Facebook advertisements or effective or not.


On one hand, Facebook advertising is effective because Facebook matches its ads to the user’s interests, based on their wall posts, pages they look at, and pages they “like”. Because of this, users only see advertisements for things they are genuinely interested in instead of seeing random advertisements that are being paid for, but not attracting any users. Likewise, if a user actually enjoys a webpage he/she sees because of Facebook advertisements, he/she can request similar ads to be displayed by “liking” the ad.


While pop-ups annoy the user and Google AdSense clogs webpages, Facebook advertisements are non-intrusive because they are off to the side of the Facebook user interface. This allows users to see advertisements through peripheral vision, but the advertisements do not interfere with the user’s activities. Because of this, users do not get annoyed at Facebook advertisements like they do with many other websites who try to force the user to see ads. By not upsetting the user and presenting advertisements in a way that is interactive but not intrusive, users are much more likely to click on ads.

Tunnel Vision

Although Facebook advertisements are intuitive and non-intrusive, they actually have a much lower CPM, or Click Per Million, rate than most other websites. This is because of a factor known as “banner blindness”, a form of tunnel vision in which users tend to subconsciously ignore banner-like information like advertisements. This phenomenon affects all age groups, but is much more common in younger Internet users, and is caused by simply getting used to seeing and ignoring web-based advertisements. While pop-ups and flash-based advertisements are annoying, they tend to be clicked on more than non-intrusive advertisements because they force the user to look at them.

How to Test a Laptop Battery

How to Test a Laptop Battery

A laptop battery provides power for your laptop when it is not plugged in to a power source. The laptop battery is in your laptop. The power cord that you use to charge your laptop battery is called the AC Power Adapter. The laptop battery can only power the laptop for a limited amount of time before the battery loses power and has to be recharged with the AC Power Adapter.

The length of time the laptop battery lasts mostly depends on the applications and programs the user runs on the laptop. Other factors that affect battery life are battery age, size, type, and use. There are a few different tests you can perform to get an estimate of how long your battery lasts, and to see if it is time to replace the battery.

Test Battery Using Percentage

You can measure the amount of time remaining in your laptop battery by using the battery icon on the taskbar at the bottom right corner of your laptop screen. Most laptops will only give you a percentage of time remaining and not a specific amount of time remaining. While it is helpful to know what percent of your battery power is left, it does not let you know how long you have until your battery dies.

Follow these steps to test your laptop battery using percentage:

   1. Plug your AC Power Adapter into an electrical outlet, and then insert the other end of the AC Power Adapter into your laptop.
   2. Leave the AC Power Adapter in the laptop for 4 to 8 hours to allow it to fully charge the battery. Make sure the laptop is not powered on while the battery is charging.
   3. Remove the AC Power Adapter from the laptop. Then turn the laptop on.
   4. Record the amount of time it takes for the battery to use all of its power and shut down. Make sure to record from the time you take the AC Power Adapter out to the time the laptop battery dies. The time estimate will be more accurate if you run the programs and applications that you normally use on your laptop. For example, if you typically check your e-mail, play YouTube videos, and use Facebook applications, then perform those tasks while you record the life of your battery.
   5. Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3.
   6. Hover your mouse over the battery icon that is on the taskbar at the bottom right of your laptop screen. When you hover your mouse on the icon, a small box will come up and state the percentage of battery power you have remaining.
   7. Now, when you use your laptop, you can convert the percentage of battery power remaining to a time estimate. For example, if your battery ran for 4 hours before dying when you tested it, and the battery icon says that the battery has 50% power remaining, then the battery will last for approximately 2 more hours. That same battery will last approximately 1 hour at 25%.

Test If Battery Should Be Replaced Using Battery Icon

If you want to test whether or not your laptop battery should be replaced, then you can follow some simple steps to test the performance of your battery. The completion of these steps will simply tell you if your battery should be replaced or not, as opposed to helping you estimate how long your laptop battery will last without the AC Power Adapter.

To use the battery icon to test if your laptop battery should be replaced, follow these steps:

   1. Follow Steps 1-3 above to fully charge your laptop battery and turn your computer on.
   2. Hover your mouse over the battery icon on the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen. Make sure your laptop battery is charged to 100%.
   3. Unplug the AC Power Adapter for 10 minutes and leave the laptop running. During this 10 minutes, run any applications or programs that you typically use on your computer.
   4. After the 10 minutes is up, check the percentage on the battery icon.
   5. If the battery lost more that 1% per minute, or in other words more than 10% in the 10 minutes, then the battery should be replaced.


Some newer laptop batteries will have a light meter. The light meter is located on the battery, and there is a button on the battery next to the light meter. You can use this light meter to test the life of your laptop battery.

To test the life of your laptop battery on a new model with a light meter, follow these steps:


      Press the button once to see how charged the battery is. The more lights that show up, the more charge your battery has.

      Hold down the button on your battery. The lights will come on and then they will go back off.

      If the lights come back on then the battery is damaged to some extent. The more lights that come back on, the more the battery is damaged. So, if no lights come back on, then the battery is good. If all of the lights come back on, then the battery is bad.

      If lights 1, 3, and 5 (both ends and the middle) flash, then you need to replace the battery as soon as possible.

How To Solve “Power Calibration Error”

How To Solve “Power Calibration Error”

The “Power Calibration Error” typically appears when you are attempting to burn a CD or DVD, and the burner fails to write the CD or DVD. The error might also appear as a “Medium Speed Error.”

There are multiple reasons that could cause the error, but the error is most likely to occur because the CD/DVD burner is not able to determine the Optimum Power Calibration rate. The Optimum Power Calibration rate is a test that is run before burning a CD or DVD to determine the optimal laser power needed to write the CD or DVD, and when this is not able to be determined the disk burn fails. The “Power Calibration Error” can also appear for minor reasons that can be easily fixed.

Options for Fixing “Power Calibration Error”

It is very difficult to figure out exactly what caused the “Power Calibration Error.” There are a few possible ways to fix it, so your best option is to try the different fixes until one works for you.

Use the options below to fix the “Power Calibration Error.”

1. A common reason for this error to appear is cheap blank media. Try using different brands of quality blank media to solve the error. Some good brands to use are JVC, Verbatim, and Falcon.
2. It is usually very effective to burn at lower speeds.
3. It is a good idea to check with Sony to find out if there is a firmware upgrade for your CD or DVD.
4. You can also try updating your CD/DVD burning software to the most recent version.
5. You can try cleaning the disk drive. Make sure there are no dust particles or bits of paper.
6. Iftheoptionsabovedonotwork, thenyoucandisableImageMasteringApplicationsProgrammingInterface (IMAPI)Service. ThisservicemanagesCDandDVDrecordings. TodisableIMAPIservice, followthesesteps:

a. Launch the Control Panel, click on Administrative Tools, then click on Services.

b. Browse for “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service.” Once you find it, right-click on it and select Properties.

c. Change the Startup Type to Disabled.

d. Click on Apply and then Reboot.

7. If none of the above options work for you, then it is most likely a hardware problem and not a software problem. At this point, it is a good idea to get your burner laser lens cleaned professionally.
8. If every option fails, then the driver’s laser probably died and it will need to be replaced.

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How to hiding icons on the bottom of your screen?

How to hiding icons on the bottom of your screen?

By using this tip you can hide the useless icons on the bottom of your system screen (right end of the taskbar). Because some of the icons will useful for you on system tray area but may be others list of icons not useful for you so you can hide all extra icon very easily. Many programs that run in the background on your computer but you are not using regularly such as antivirus software, volume controller, backup applications. The system tray can get cluttered with useless icon, so you may not wants to display them on the tray.

To hide those icons that you do not use regularly, follow these steps.
First of all right-click on the windows taskbar and choose Properties.

Here a new dialog box will appear with title "Taskbar and start Menu Properties" and then click on "Customize…"button that appears on lower right portion.

Now again a new dialog box will appear with title "Customize Notifications".

Under Current Items area, select the program that you want to change the behavior. On the right of the program name a drop-down menu appears for example "Always hide, Always show and Hide when inactive".

You choose to hide the program’s Icon, when it is inactive, to always hide the icon, or to always show it.

Select the option you want and click on OK button, then again click on OK button to finish the process.

How you Export and Import Registry File Before Editing ?

How you Export and Import Registry File Before Editing ?

    Today an important tip about the back up of your system Registry. Make sure before modifying your system Registry about its backup because Registry contains all information how your system runs. This backup will help you to restore Registry in case any problem occurs after modifying.

    You can backup the whole Registry and also Registry subkeys.
    Click Start Button then type regedit in Run box and click Ok button. Here you can export the whole Registry or you can locate the required subkeys that contain the information that you want to edit.

    Go to File menu option then click on Export option for backup and save it with on any your system drive with .reg extension and you can restore this backup going File menu using import option.