Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Highest Paying Keywords in Online Advertising

The Highest Paying Keywords in Online Advertising

Do you know what kind of money advertisers are willing to spend on Google AdWords to reach out to potential customers? Well you may be a bit surprised to learn that CPC rates, or the amount that an advertiser pays to Google if a search user clicks on an ad once, can as high as $55 in certain categories.

WordStream,  an online marketing company, analyzed the most expensive keyword categories for online advertising and found that keywords related to Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorneys and Credit were the most expensive with advertising costs ranging between $55-$45 per click.

In the tech domain, the high-paying keywords are around web hosting, conference call services, CRM / help-desk software and data recovery software.

The advertising rates for such niches are so high for two reasons – there’s plenty of competition among advertisers so they have to bid higher to outbid the other and second, the return after winning a customer is extremely high.

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