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Error 0x800ccc79

Error 0x800ccc79

Error ox800ccc79 typically appears in Microsoft Outlook when you send messages. The error message can also affect other messaging clients, regardless of the manufacturer. The error message usually states that your e-mail can not be sent due to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay blocking. The specific wording of the message may vary, depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

These error messages are becoming more common because ISPs are starting to take action against SPAM. Many ISPs are blocking SPAM by requiring that each user be dialed directly to their system in order to send messages through their SMTP gateway. This in turn affects users who access their e-mail account from another ISP.

The error message can be caused by a few different problems. The error message might appear if you try to send a message through an ISP’s SMTP gateway and you are logged on to a Local Area Network (LAN) that has an Internet gateway. It also might appear if you try to send a message through a different ISP’s SMTP gateway when you already logged on to an ISP. The error message can also occur if you try to send a message and you are using an ADSL or cable modem to get another ISP.

How to Fix Error ox800ccc79

The e-mail client does not cause this error message to appear. As a messaging client, there are no simple solutions for you to perform if your ISP is blocking all SMTP Relay traffic. The only viable option is to contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

A majority of the new SMTP e-mail gateway software allows relaying for specific IP addresses. This permits cable modem and ADSL users to continue using their same ISP. The provider of the cable modem or ADSL must give the customer a static IP address. This will let the customer’s e-mail ISP relay for that specific IP address. Corporate customers who access ISPs through their corporate LAN can seek banks of IP addresses to solve their problem.

It is a possibility that your SMTP server is checking whether the domain or the recipient name exists before it sends the message. This could be the case if the error message is random. The error message could be caused by the recipient’s e-mail server being temporarily down or unavailable. Your SMTP server may reject the relay if it can not verify the address. If this is the case, then no action is required. The message will be sent when the receiving server is up again.

How to Fix Error ox800ccc79 on the Microsoft Network (MSN)

The Microsoft Network (MSN) is an ISP that has imposed SPAM blocking. MSN has also set restrictions that cause SMTP blocking errors if the e-mail address in your Internet Account properties does not match the e-mail address in your MSN account. Other ISPs use similar strategies.

To send or receive messages through an additional ISP, LAN, or DSL and other connection devices through MSN, you must set your SMTP settings to secure. Your MSN e-mail server settings for a third-party connection, LAN, or DSL must be set to

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