Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Air India Offers Unlimited Flying Packages

As part of Indian Independence day celebration, Air India  is offering unlimited flying packages in Domestic sector valid for 1 month till 15 September 2011. This is one of the best limited time deals which frequent flyers will find a steal!

You can buy Air India tickets passess in 2 categories [All inclusive fares]

    * Silver Pass – Economy class travel – Rs 30,000
    * Platinum Pass – Executive class travel – Rs 50,000

Air India customers who avail of this ticketing deal have to complete travel on or before 25 September, 2011. Also note that the unlimited travel offer is valid on Indian Domestic network only and has to completed within 10 Days from the date of start of Journey.

Both Silver and Platinum Pass are for sale  within India only and cannot be combined with any other fare type or travel discount coupon. Remember no refund is permissible after the passenger has commenced the first leg of the Journey. More details here.  I am sure frequent flyers will find the deal very useful.

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