Sunday, 14 August 2011

How to Install Extra Hard Drive in Mac Mini

How to Install Extra Hard Drive in Mac Mini

Did you know the new Apple Mac Mini has enough space inside to install an extra second hard drive! The Apple Mac mini  is a small power packed complete computer, simply add a monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse and you have a advanced desktop to work with. And if you could just add another hard drive inside the already compact Mac mini – nothing could be better.

Apple Mac Mini already comes powered with a 500GB (5400-rpm) hard drive, which is configurable to 750GB (7200-rpm) hard drive (2.5GHz model also configurable to 256GB solid-state drive or 256GB solid-state drive and 750GB (7200-rpm) hard drive, only at the Apple Online Store). The iFixit team performed a tear down of the Mac Mini  and found enough space to install a second hard drive.
Extra Hard Drive in Mac Mini

 Subsequently the ifixit guys launched a Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit  for users who want to add a second hard drive to Mac Mini.  Here is the stepwise tutorial  on how to install the extra hard drives to your Mac mini. Here is more help  on  adding 2nd Hard Drive to Non-Server Minis.

Note: Remember this is not endorsed by Apple and may void your product warranty. So try it at your own risk if you know your way around exploring Mac mini.

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