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How to Transfer Pictures from Camera to Computer

How to Transfer Pictures from Camera to Computer

Despite the significant increase in storage capacity on memory cards in digital cameras, most end users require the ability to transfer pictures from the camera to a personal computer. Once transferred, the pictures can be archived to guard against data loss, uploaded to social media sites, or further manipulated for printing or sharing with friends and family. The three most common methods to transfer pictures are to directly connect the camera to the computer, using an external memory card reader, or directly inserting the memory card into a built-in reader on the computer.

Steps to Transfer Pictures from a Cameral to Computer

Direct Computer Connection

Step 1 – Turn on the digital camera.

Step 2 – Connect the camera to the computer using the USB connector that was included with your camera at purchase.

Step 3 – Open Windows Explorer on a PC by pressing the “Windows” and “E” keys simultaneously. The camera’s memory card will display as an external drive that can be opened by double clicking the drive. Most memory cards will then have a default folder displayed that will need to be opened to view the picture files. Alternatively, Microsoft provides an Auto play Window that opens where you can click the “Open Folder to View Files” menu option to conduct the same task. Once opened, the files can be copied to a local folder on your computer for archival or further manipulation. Additionally, the Windows Auto play feature has an automatic import feature than can be used to import all pictures to the computer.

Step 4 – On a Mac computer, the cameral will appear as an icon on the desktop. This folder can then be opened to copy the files to your computer in a similar fashion as on a Windows computer.

Step 5 – After copying the files to your computer, unmounts the camera if required by your computer’s operating system by “Ctrl clicking” on a Mac or “Right Clicking” on a Windows computer and selecting the appropriate menu option.

Using a Memory Card Reader

Memory card readers eliminate the need to connect the camera to the computer, however, require an additional investment in the reader itself to use. Despite this, many users prefer to use multiple memory cards and upload via card reader at a convenient time.

Step 1 – Connect the memory card reader to the computer if not already connected.
Step 2 – Turn off the digital camera and remove the memory card.

Step 3 – Depending on the type of memory card being used, it may require an adapter to fit into the card reader slot. If so, insert the card into the adapter.

Step 4 – Insert the memory card into the card reader.

Step 5 – View and transfer the pictures to the computer using the same method(s) available under the direct computer connection.

Using a Built-In Memory Card Reader

Many laptops and desktop computers are now manufactured with built-in memory card readers. The reader is typically located on the front or side of the laptop and work similarly to external card readers. Although designed to fit most memory card standards, some built-in card readers do require the purchase of a memory card adapter to successfully read and transfer pictures from the card to the computer.

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