Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Monitors can give life to an older PC

New Monitors can give life to an older PC

    If you want to upgrade your computer, the new monitor is the easiest way to upgrade your computer, because if you have old monitor with new PC, your monitor slow down the system to download image on the screen. The main change with new monitor is the increased screen resolution, fast refresh rates in which a monitor will refresh a image on the screen.

If you want to change the refresh rate of your monitor, Right click on Desktop > Properties > Settings then open Advanced options. Here on the Monitor tab, go to Refresh Frequency list, Here you can change your Monitor frequency with new refresh rate. The default frequency setting of old monitor is 60 Hertz, but your monitor may support more than 60 hertz. First check your monitor manufacturer documentation about your monitor supports. The higher refresh rate reduces the flicker problem on your screen.

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